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Nana's Simple Science: Water Wai

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Marie Munro
April 2023
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Most children enjoy water. They drink it, wash in it, swim in it, play in it, but do they know water’s story - where water comes from, where it goes, and all the things it does along the way? “Nana’s Simple Science - Te Pūtaiao Ngāwari o Kui: Water - Wai” delves into the water cycle as it follows the Rāroa River on its journey from the hills to the sea. The natural process of water particles being converted from liquid, to solid, to gas in a never-ending cycle of evaporation condensation, precipitation, transpiration, percolation and collection. The Rāroa River flows down to the sea, bringing fresh water for you and for me. Ka rere te Awa o Rāroa ki te moana, ka hari i te wai māori mōu, mōku anō hoki. Heneriata Te Whata’s inspired illustrations bring the story to life in an authentic kiwi environment while Piripi Walker’s translation keeps the words simple and clear, so the rhythm is right, and each sentence flows when delivered aloud.