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Aotearoa Books is proud to present our diverse range of Māori books. From traditional Māori myths and legends to contemporary Māori literature, our collection offers a window into the heart of New Zealand’s indigenous culture.

What are Māori books?

Māori books are books that are written by or about Māori—the indigenous people of New Zealand. They cover a wide range of topics, such as Māori history, culture, language, mythology, literature, and contemporary issues.

Why should I read Māori books?

Reading Māori books can help you to learn more about the Māori worldview, values, and experiences. You can also discover the diversity and richness of Māori voices, stories, and perspectives. Reading Māori books can also support the preservation and promotion of Māori language and culture.

Where can I buy Māori books?

You can find Māori books at Aotearoa Books, your premier destination for Māori books. Aotearoa Books offers a curated collection of Māori books, featuring both traditional and contemporary Māori fiction and non-fiction.

Who are some well-known Māori authors?

There are many Māori authors who have made significant contributions to the literary scene in New Zealand and beyond. Some of the most well-known Māori authors are Witi Ihimaera, Patricia Grace, Alan Duff, Hirini Moko Mead, Whiti Hereaka, and Becky Manawatu. You can find their books and more at Aotearoa Books.

How can I support Māori writers and publishers?

You can support Māori writers and publishers by buying their books, reviewing them, and recommending them to other readers. You can also follow Māori writers and publishers on social media and their websites.