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New Zealand

If you are looking for books that capture the beauty, culture and history of New Zealand, you have come to the right place. Aotearoa Books is your online destination for New Zealand books, both fiction and non-fiction. Whether you want to explore the stunning landscapes, learn about local history, or enjoy the works of acclaimed Kiwi authors, we have something for everyone. Browse our selection of New Zealand books and discover a new perspective on this amazing country.

Where can I find New Zealand books online?

You can find a wide range of New Zealand books right here at Aotearoa Books. We specialise in books by Kiwi authors telling stories about Aotearoa New Zealand. Browse our collection to discover fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, art books, cookbooks, travel guides, and more.

What are some popular genres of New Zealand books?

Some popular genres include:

  • Literary fiction - stories exploring the Kiwi experience
  • Historical fiction - stories set in the past, often exploring race relations
  • Crime fiction and thrillers - mysteries and page-turners with a local setting
  • Nature and outdoor writing - guides to tramping, conservation, and landscapes
  • Humour and satire - that wry Kiwi wit
  • Cookbooks - recipes using New Zealand ingredients
  • Photo books - showcasing stunning NZ photography

How can I support New Zealand authors?

The best way to support our local writers is to buy their books. Every book you purchase enables New Zealand authors to continue writing and sharing their creativity. Leaving reviews also helps authors reach new readers. You can also support authors by attending book events, following them on social media, and encouraging others to try their books.

How can I find books that tell stories from Māori or Pasifika perspectives?

We have dedicated sections for both Māori and Pasifika titles. Here you will discover novels, short stories, poetry, memoirs, children's books, and more by Māori, Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Cook Islanders, Niuean and other Pasifika authors. Their creative voices provide unique perspectives on life in Aotearoa and the Pacific.