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If you want to introduce your child (or yourself!) to te reo Māori, our range of Māori-English bilingual books is the perfect place to start. These dual language titles make learning fun and accessible. Pick up new Māori vocabulary with side-by-side English translations. It's easy to start learning te reo Māori!

What are the benefits of reading bilingual Māori-English books?

Reading bilingual books allows development of Māori language skills while still understanding the full context thanks to the English translations. It's an immersive way to pick up new vocabulary, improve comprehension, and appreciate te reo Māori.

What types of bilingual books does Aotearoa Books offer?

The main genre of bilingual Maori-English books available is children's books.

Do your bilingual children's books help kids learn te reo Māori?

Yes, our dual language children's books are excellent tools for introducing tamariki to the Māori language. Having te reo Māori and English together allows parents to guide their kids through pronunciation while letting them grasp the deeper meaning of the story through the English translation when needed.

Do you have any books that are only in Māori?

Yes, we also sell books that are completely written in Māori. View our books in Māori here.