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Books in Maori

Welcome to the Māori language books section of Aotearoa Books. Here you will find a wide range of books written entirely in te reo Māori. By browsing these pages you can find Māori fiction and non-fiction books which will help you to develop your understanding of the Māori language.

You may also be interested in our range of bilingual (Māori and English) books.

What books will help me to learn Māori?

We suggest starting out with bilingual books and with Māori dictionaries. You might also find Children's picture books in te reo Māori a simple place to start.

Is Māori a difficult language to learn?

No. Māori is considered one of the easiest languages to learn thanks to its consistent phonetic spelling rules.

What genre of te reo Māori books do you sell?

The most prevelant genre of books in te reo Māori is children's picture books. We also sell some non-fiction titles in te reo.

Do you have any bilingual Māori language books?

Yes. We sell a wide selection of bilingual Māori/English books.