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My First Words About Tikanga Maori

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Stacey Morrison
August 2023
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From the marae to the whare, from getting to know each other to sharing kai, this illustrated picture dictionary is a fabulous guide to the Maori way of life! Stacey Morrison has created an illustrated guide to Maori customs and practices for children (and adults), as a companion to her #1 bestselling My First Words in Maori. My First Words about Tikanga Maori is a guide to Maori customs, practices and ways of doing things, and to the special words we use when talking about tikanga. With vibrant illustrations labelled in Maori and English, each page takes readers on a tour of various settings and situations, explaining the words, phrases and concepts we might encounter. Learn all about- - powhiri (formal welcomes) - hui (meetings) - waiata (songs) - mihimihi (greetings and introductions) - forms of address - manaaki (hospitality) - aroha (showing love and compassion) - kaitiakitanga (guardianship) and so much more. From removing our shoes as we enter a building to introducing ourselves and sharing kai, My First Words about Tikanga Maori is an excellent and practical guide for children and adults, Maori and Pakeha, New Zealanders and visitors to Aotearoa. Designed for parents and tamariki to read together by Maori language champion and broadcaster Stacey Morrison, with engaging pictures by a team of young Maori artists, this is the perfect book to strengthen your language journey and embrace Maoritanga at home, at school, and out in the wider world.