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An Indigenous Ocean: Pacific Essays

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Damon Salesa
November 2023
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In this captivating collection of essays, acclaimed Pacific scholar Damon Salesa takes us on a journey through the rich cultural and historical tapestry of the Pacific. From the far-reaching indigenous civilisations that flourished in Oceania, to the colonial encounters that shaped Samoa's history, and the complex relationship between New Zealand and the Pacific, Salesa's work offers a nuanced and insightful perspective on the vast region's past, present and future. Spanning a wide range of topics, from race and inequality to Pacific studies and empire, these essays demonstrate Salesa's remarkable scholarship and his ability to bridge the gaps between academic disciplines and cultural traditions. With a deep appreciation for the complexities of Te Moana-nuia-Kiwa, and a commitment to uncovering the hidden histories that shape our understanding of the region, 'Essays' is an essential contribution to the field of Pacific studies and a fascinating read for anyone interested in the history and culture of Oceania.