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Your Money, Your Future

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Frances Cook
January 2022
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A real-life handbook to finding financial freedom on any income, from the creator of New Zealand's leading finance podcast Cooking the Books and author of Tales from a Financial Hot Mess. "The biggest goals can be achieved when you've got a road map in hand. Quitting your job and living a good life, on your own terms, for decades to come? You can do it!" In this book, top New Zealand finance podcaster and journalist Frances Cook shows you how to change your money so you can live your ideal life. Learn how, on an ordinary income, you can plan for and achieve true financial freedom, with expert advice and step-by-step information on- The basics of FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)- A Kiwi guide Your magic number- Learn how much money you need to design the life you want Finance 101- Change how you handle your money to gain control of debt and simplify your life Get paid- Techniques that work to boost your earning power in any industry You earn it, you keep it- How to save more and invest that extra income Hustle smarter, not harder- Side-hustles that work (and what to watch out for) Property investing- Making the right decision for you Give yourself options- Take time off, work part-time, or work a more meaningful job Retire early, retire often- Your tailor-made plan to take time out, retire early, or work as much as you like ...and loads more.