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Who Really Broke the Treaty?

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John Robinson
June 2024
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Any full and free discussion of New Zealand's future has been blocked as a juggernaut of Maori exceptionalism is moving steadily towards complete separation by race, with a new constitution being proposed to bring control by an 'indigenous' minority with two separate Houses of Parliament - the complete destruction of equality and democracy. The people of New Zealand will have lost any ability to control their own way of life.

This book dares to face the fundamentals and ask the tricky questions, to refuse to bow down to the imposed dogma and ideology. What is racism? Is this apartheid? Who really did break the Treaty? The answers are clear.

The grave situation can only be faced with an understanding of the full story of New Zealand's unique history and the events that have brought this division, commencing in 1975 with the formation of the permanent Waitangi Tribunal, and becoming more extreme over the years since.

This is a must-read book, a suitable text to stimulate a much-needed community discussion.