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Tu Rangaranga: Rights, Responsibilities and Global Citizenship in Aotearoa New Zealand

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Sharon McLennan, Margaret Forster, Carol Neill, David Littlewood, Rand Hazou
Jul 2022
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The biggest challenges of the 21st century require global solutions. Focussing on three of the most urgent problems of our time - climate change, conflict and poverty, and inequality - Tu Rangaranga introduces the notion of global citizenship, and what it means to be an active citizen in today's world. If we are fundamentally linked to people around the globe by the clothes we wear, the phones we use and the resources we consume, what does this mean for the rights and responsibilities that underpin citizenship? And who, or what, should take responsibility for finding and implementing solutions to world-wide issues? It is easy to feel powerless in the face of daunting global crises, but when we take combined action we can effect change. Part of a series of books exploring and promoting citizenship in Aotearoa and beyond, Tu Rangaranga joins Tutira Mai (2021) and Turangawaewae (2017, 2022) in combining academic rigour with an examination of how to engage as an active citizen.