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Tree Beings

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Raymond Huber, Sandra Severgnini with Jane Goodall
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Tree Beings takes a fresh look at trees - not as a silent statues but as beings that enrich the whole planet. Trees are the oldest living things; they create air, rainfall, soil, and animal habitats; and they clean up our pollution.

Readers get to know trees through the inspiring true stories of people who love trees (scientists, protestors, planters): a scientist who discovered how trees 'talk'; a boy who mobilized children to fight climate change; a young woman with the world record for living up a tree; the first brave tree-hugging women; and a man responsible for trillions of tree-plantings. Tree Beings has four 'big ideas': trees give life, trees save us, trees are beings, and trees need help. It outlines recent tree science, especially how trees are our best living allies in the fight to slow down climate change.

Tree Beings takes a positive approach by focusing on the wonders of trees and our connection to them. It suggest ways for readers to get to know trees as beings. The book also includes tree wisdom from many cultures, and introduces some famous and fascinating tree species.