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Training Humans, Teaching Dogs

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Emily Dustan
December 2022
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Devoid of jargon, the accredited animal behaviour consultant and dog trainer from Auckland outlines how humans can strengthen the bond with their canine companions. The South African-born author offers insight into puppy and dog behaviour with such clarity and conviction that it will make you appreciate and comprehend the animal kingdom in a new light. Dustan shares her contemporary science-based positive reinforcement training methods built on the true-and-tried principles her mother had instilled in her as a child. She has a knack of enlightening readers with a down-to-earth tone while maintaining a humorous vein to keep them engaged. Her edict of Do No Harm; Cause No Pain; Create No Fear provides the pillars to a potent interaction that helps change not only the puppy's behaviour but also the dog owner's dated perceptions. And no, Dustan impresses, there are no quick fixes in her tips. Just patient people gifting puppies and dogs the time and space to reveal their uniqueness. She implores owners to ignore outdated training styles, dispel myths, and instead read their pets' body language and understand how the dog "thinks". In drawing on human analogy, the animal behaviourist isn't shy to ask dog owners to hell in trying to create a bond that'll make life easier for all. Training humans, teaching dogs is a timeless reference that should have a pride of place in every pet lover's bookshelf.