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Tonga's First King and Other Folktales

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Kay Berry
April 2022
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This beautifully illustrated collection of multicultural folktales takes you on a journey to the Polynesian island of Tonga. You will explore this diverse culture through incredible tales of gods, dragons, magic and more. These tales offer age-old lessons in forgiveness and kindness that are enjoyable for children and adults alike.

You will be introduced to characters drawn from oral storytellers, song and dance.

  • Tangaloa - The Sky God
  • ‘Aho’eitu - The First King of Tonga
  • Seketoa - The Shark God
  • ‘Aitu- The Naughty Trickster Demi-God

With a unique mix of magic, revenge, and adventure, these stories are brought to a new generation with clear simple text and colorful entrancing illustrations. A genuine pearl of the South Pacific, the Kingdom of Tonga will seem more than just a fairy tale.