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The Very Last Resort: Memoirs of a Motel Manager

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Sandra Waters
February 2023
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A remarkable, revealing, and riotous insight into the management of guest accommodation and transitional housing in a New Zealand motel. This true story follows the experiences of a couple whose introduction to accommodation management begins in a run-down New Zealand motel where the challenge of hosting independent guest accommodation alongside transitional social housing is revealed in candid detail. Any assumption that motel management is an easy job is thrown out the window in this revealing expose on the demands of guest hosting and the volatility of managing and eclectic community of New Zealand's transitional homeless. Navigating an intricate dance of diplomacy and discipline, delight and despair is a daily challenge in this diverse, often unpredictable environment making this story compelling, and at times confronting. The Very Last Resort is a unique insight into life from the other side of the Reception desk.