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The Story of New Zealands Unique Birds

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Alan Froggatt
November 2021

‘The story of New Zealand’s Unique Birds’ covers the deep endemics being the species that can be found nowhere else on earth, and by anyone with the necessary time, patience and fortitude.

It explains why New Zealand became such a haven for birds and how, when and why the early species arrived, and, more importantly, how and why each species evolved to become different to their ancestors. 

Each species of birdlife is fully analysed in great detail (from arrival to present day). Human impacts and conservation efforts are explored for each species to the present. The remarkable birdlife of New Zealand has been subject to massive attention from birders, scientists and the general public around the world. 

It looks at why New Zealand is such an odd and threatened place and why it is regarded as one of the world’s most incredible biodiversity hotspots.

It also analyses the story of the unique species that became extinct following early human arrival and after the arrival of European settlers and focuses on the surviving species.

Provides a comprehensive assessment of the future prospects of our irreplaceable birds left in New Zealand.

A beautifully researched and visual book that allows people to understand the fragility of our native birds and the history of each species, both extinct and current.