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The Making of a Leader

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Tom Young
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What makes a leader? How do they thrive under pressure and inspire others to do the same? How do they establish a culture of long-term success? We are fascinated with the makeup of leaders, from polar explorers and politicians to CEOs and sports coaches. What is it about these people that enables them not only to reach the pinnacle of their profession, but to create a culture of sustained success and bring others with them on that journey?

Performance psychologist Tom Young has worked closely with teams and individuals at the highest level of professional sport. He has seen how leaders in these high-pressure environments communicate, how they handle pressure, maintain focus and respond to challenges. In The Making of a Leader, Young shares the practical principles of sustained elite performance and shows how any individual can add value to their own business or organisation by applying these insights.
You will learn how to develop a leadership philosophy that is true to your values, effectively manage and get results from individuals and teams, establish a high-performance culture and bring value to your organisation - in short, the ingredients that make a leader. These lessons are based on interviews with global sports figures including:

- Stuart Lancaster, current Leinster coach and former Head Coach of the England national RFU team
- Ashley Giles, ECB Director of Cricket during England's 2019 World Cup win
- Gary Kirsten, record-breaking former international batsman and World Cup-winning coach of the Indian national team
- Dan Quinn, Head Coach of Atlanta Falcons and a Super Bowl winner with Seattle Seahawks
- Roberto Martinez, FA Cup-winner and Belgian national team manager
- Sean Dyche, Burnley FC manager
- Michael Maguire, Head Coach of the New Zealand national rugby league team

The Making of a Leader is a unique, inspiring guide to leadership that can inspire positive results in any context, based on interviews and experiences from the cutting edge of elite sport.