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The Devil's Haircut: My Life Before and After the Raurimu Massacre

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Steve Anderson
May 2023
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The Devil’s Haircut is an intimate case study from the tragedy of one of this country’s worst mass shootings. The Raurimu Massacre, as it came to be known, happened on 8 February 1997 and saw six everyday New Zealanders die. Another four were left with serious gunshot injuries, and they and many others live today with deep psychological scars. In Steve’s own words, learn how he found himself at the nucleus of events that day. He shot dead his father and five friends of the family. Floridly psychotic at the time, he would later be found ‘not guilty by reason of insanity’. In the lead up to the deaths and in the 26 years since, Steve remembers everything. He has had to find ways to live with what has happened. His walk has brought him into contact with many others, both in mental health circles and in the community, and each has been able to teach him something. This is a rare insight into the mind of another. Steve lets us into his thoughts, before, at the time, and after the shootings on that day.