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Te Kuia me te Pungawerewere: The Kuia and the Spider

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Patricia Grace, Robyn Kahukiwa
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Who's the best at weaving, the kuia or the spider? They decide to ask their grandchildren . . . Patricia Grace and Robyn Kahukiwa's 1981 classic story The Kuia and the Spider returns in a dual reo Maori and English text, with Hirini Melbourne's original translation. A bilingual Maori and English edition of Patricia Grace and Robyn Kahukiwa's award-winning picture book. Tera tetahi kuia ko tana mahi he raranga whariki, raranga kete hoki. I te koko o tona kihini e noho ana he pungawerewere ko tana mahi he hanga whare tukutuku. Mai i te putanga i te 1981, kua noho Te Kuia me te Pungawerewere a Patricia Grace raua ko Robyn Kahukiwa hei tino paki turoa no Aotearoa. Once there was a kuia who made mats and baskets In the corner of her kitchen lived a spider who made webs. Since its publication in 1981, Patricia Grace and Robyn Kahukiwa's award-winning story about two old friends bickering over whose weaving is best has become a New Zealand classic.