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Simon Gault: No Half Measures

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Simon Gault
October 2022
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Auckland chef Simon Gault opened his first restaurant aged 22, piling up awards and accolades at Bell House, Gault's on Quay, Euro, Giraffe and more. The former MasterChef New Zealand judge is a successful businessman with his name on stocks, seasonings, cookware and cocktails, but that's not the full story. From the tomato ketchup venture that nearly broke him, to becoming a solo dad and battling type 2 diabetes, Simon Gault: No half measures is an unflinching look at success, failure - and fixing things fast. Whether it's winning gold medals for precision flying, cooking for the rich and famous on a superyacht, or helping others shed kilos in pursuit of longer, healthier lives, Simon Gault's story is testament to the philosophy that half measures are for recipes only.