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Pacific Social Work: Navigating Practice, Policy and Research

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JioJi Ravulo, Tracie Mafile'o and Donald Bruce Yates
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As a region, the Pacific is changing rapidly. This edited collection, the first of its kind, centres Pacific-indigenous ways of knowing, doing and being in Pacific social work. In so doing, the authors decolonise the dominant western rhetoric that is evident in contemporary social work practice in the region and rejuvenate practice models with evolving Pacific perspectives.

Pacific Social Work:
* Incorporates Pacific epistemologies and ontologies in social and community work practice, social policy and research
* Profiles contemporary Pacific needs - including health, education, environmental, justice and welfare
* Demonstrates the application of Pacific-indigenous knowledges in practice in diverse Pacific contexts
* Examines Pacific-indigenous research approaches to promote inform practice and positive outcomes
* Reviews Pacific models of social and community work and their application
* Fosters Pacific perspectives for social work and community work education and training in the Pacific region.

Pacific Social Work demonstrates the role of social work within societies where social and cultural differences are evident, and practitioners, community groups, researchers, educators, and governments are encouraged to consider the integration between local indigenous and international knowledge and practice.

Providing rigorously researched case studies, questions and exercises, this book will be a key learning resource for social work and human and community services students, practitioners, social services managers and policy makers in Australia, New Zealand and various Pacific Island states across the Pacific including Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.