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Nanogirl's Super World Clever Creatures Of Aotearoa Backyard Explorer Pack

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January 2022
Mixed media

Expected release date is 17th Jan 2022

Grab your book, load up your bag, pack your bug viewer and fire up your curiosity--it's time to discover the SUPERPOWERS of New Zealand's clever creatures with NANOGIRL!

Join Nanogirl on her mission to discover which of New Zealand's clever creatures can grow their own armour, catch prey using super slime, and user solar-powered wings to fly--plus you'll meet some of Aotearoa's most influential scientists and bus experts along they way. By exploring and studying the superpowers of our tiny creatures, we will learn how nature can inspire us to solve problems--bug style!

The book is packed with brilliantly fun and engaging educational activities for curious kids, designed to develop science and engineering skills. There are 100+ hours of making, creating, and investigating to do while exploring the incredible beauty of nature--right in your own backyard!

Pack you gear and get ready to learn the secrets of Aotearoa's clever creatures while discovering superpowers of your own!