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Kua Wheturangitia a Koro

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Brianne Te Paa
May 2022

Te reo version

A young boy learns about the customs around celebrating Matariki from his grandfather. They watch the stars from the top of a mountain, prepare their offering of food for the gods, and the boy learns about Te Waka o Rangi and the tradition of calling out the names of loved ones who have passed away so that they can become stars. Just before Matariki the following year, the boy's Koro suddenly dies. He gathers and preparesthe food offering and asks each family member to come with him up the mountainwhen Matariki is due to rise, but they all make excuses, and he is disheartened. Butwhen he tells them what Koro taught him, they all climb the mountain before sunrise, follow the rituals Koro carried out and call out Koro's name so that he can become a star.