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Inner Critic to Inner Coach: How to Heal Imposter Syndrome, End Self-Sabotage and Own Your Greatness

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Bex Bell
March 2024
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We all have one: an inner critic that sometimes feels like our worst enemy. A loudspeaker in our mind that yells, "You're an impostor! You don't know what you're doing! Everyone else is doing life better than you!". We overwork, over-prepare and people-please to try and erase the anxiety of never feeling good enough. But it doesn't work. The voice is still there. What if there's another way? What if your inner critic isn't an enemy to be eradicated? What if it's more like an overprotective friend who means well and is just trying to help? If you want to do your best work, live your best life and stop feeling shoved around by self-doubt, this book is a must-have. Open the front cover and let's get started!