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Identification Guide to the Ferns and Lycophytes of Aotearoa NZ

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Leon Perry, Pat Brownsey
August 2024

Expected release date is 8th Aug 2024

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THE DEFINITIVE VISUAL GUIDE TO NEW ZEALAND FERNS Compiled and written by Te Papa's foremost fern experts, this fully illustrated guide is for anyone wanting to understand, identify and distinguish 201 of the most commonly encountered species of ferns and lycophytes found across Aotearoa. Ferns and lycophytes grow in most places in Aotearoa, from freshwater to alpine habitats, along exposed coasts and on the trunks of forest trees, and from just a few millimetres long to 20-metre-tall tree ferns. Just under half of the native species are only found here. Full-colour photographic examples of species, along with diagrams of key features, provide several ways for readers to successfully identify these iconic plants of Aotearoa. The book's manageable size and accessible layout makes it easy to use, enabling readers to quickly recognise species and understand their distinguishing characteristics, habitats and distribution.