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Grid: The life and times of First World War fighter ace Keith Caldwell

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Adam Claasen
August 2024

Expected release date is 8th Aug 2024

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This gripping biography of Air Commodore Keith 'Grid' Caldwell CBE, MC, DFC & bar, Croix de Guerre, tells the story of his remarkable exploits during the First World War. Flying single-seat fighters against best of the German air force, including the Red Baron's Flying Circus and airmen such as Werner Voss, Caldwell accumulated 26 victories in aerial combat. Over his illustrious career he flew with numerous 'stars' of the British air service, including Albert Ball, Billy Bishop and Mick Mannock. In the last year of the war, aged only 22, he was given command of the new 74 Squadron. Under his leadership the 'Tigers' become one of the war's most feared and revered units. Written by a leading military historian, Grid details Caldwell's journey from early flight training in Auckland to his death-defying sorties over enemy lines on the Western Front. It also details his pivotal role in sustaining military aviation in interwar New Zealand, and his role in reinvigorating interest in the airmen of the First World War during the 1960s and 1970s. Caldwell was a hero, a leader, and a man of great courage by any measure. Richly illustrated, including with images of First World War German and British planes from The Vintage Aviator Limited.