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Gang Girl

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David Whittet
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The Gang stole her childhood.
She won’t let them claim the rest of her life.

New Zealand, 1970. Born into the gang, Alicia longs to escape the misery of her childhood. The daughter of a notorious gang leader, her dream of freedom falls apart when she’s pledged in blood to her cousin Mickey.

Happiness seems further away than ever once Mickey grows into a ruthless gangster—until a chance meeting with a hotshot business executive promises Alicia a new life away from the gang.

Immediate reprisals plunge Alicia into a deadly war. Shot down at her wedding ceremony and fighting for her life, she despairs that Mickey will ever let go.

Can Alicia break free from her brutal past, or is she destined for a legacy of bloodshed? The only person Alicia can turn to is a Māori diviner … who has a message she doesn’t want to hear.

David Whittet’s gripping story of love, betrayal and redemption is set on New Zealand’s spectacular West Coast. Gang Girl will capture the hearts of readers who love books featuring strong women determined to take charge of their own destiny.