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Fun and Functional Flax Weaving

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Ali Brown
Spiral Bound
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Fun and Functional Flax Weaving shows how basic weaving, knotting, twining and plaiting can be used for the creation of any number of items that have wide appeal for their attractiveness and functionality. Suitable for both beginning and experienced weavers this book is a useful resource for any weaver, groups of weavers, educators or tertiary training venues looking for new ideas for their weaving.

The projects start with an endearing little Kiwi made with a curved four-plait. It's useful to know how to make smaller items like this when there's limited time or resources, and the book has step-by-step instructions for creating simple bottle holders, flax balls, beads, rings, paint brushes and stars. Alos included are ideas for turning these simple items into a diverse range of objects such as a star mobile, baby rattle, jewellery, simple musical instruments, and a wizard's wand.

The book has instructions on several different ways to create a dragon, or Taniwha, using a variety of plaiting techniques and there is a simple folded Taniwha suitable for very young children to make. The final Taniwha is a fiery, colourful, zig-zaggy dragon with striking wings. Instructions for basic ways of knotting and making different types of cords are given with ideas on how these basic techniques have a multitude of uses in everyday life as well as the creation of art pieces for both the home and outdoors. Flax cord is attractive as well as useful and goes well with other natural mediums such as pottery and wood.