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Epic: Adventures Across Aotearoa

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Ray Salisbury
November 2023
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Over the last 50 years, sea kayakers, climbers and alpine trampers have been attempting audacious journeys across NZ that last many months. Most of these adventurers have written books on their travels. In Epic, these tales have been condensed and retold, ready for a new generation to be inspired by these very Kiwi adventures to, as Salisbury puts it in his introduction, kick their shoes off and "feel the earth beneath our bare feet. The beach and bush beckon ..." Featured adventurers range from Graeme Dingle and Jill Tremain attempting the first traverse of the Southern Alps, to the author's own tramp across the North Island in 1995, as told in the book's final chapter. This book is not intended to be an exhaustive history, but a selective anthology of endurance epics that span a variety of disciplines - from tramping and mountaineering to kayaking or cycling - and that trace a variety of interesting routes around the country. In words, maps and photographs, each of the 12 chapters highlights the resilience of the human spirit when attempting feats of endurance. Both men and women are featured, while their incredible adventures are spread out from Cape to Bluff, encompassing both the North, South and Stewart islands.