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Drink, Smoke, Snort, Stroke

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Willy de Wit
October 2022
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 A wild and raw tale of Willy's life - from his early career in stand-up comedy, to his successful and seminal TV show, to his work on the radio - but then beyond, to a world of alcoholism, chronic drug addiction, long standing bouts of depression and a major stroke suffered for good measure. But apart from those minor occurrences, it's a pretty run of the mill read... if you're illiterate. 'Drink, Smoke, Snort, Stroke' has unintentionally been 60 years in the making! It's not a self-help book, nor is it 'touchy feely'... it's simply an honest, occasionally hilarious, real, reflective look at comedian Willy De Wit. Warts and all. Willy outlines some major events in his life - a home invasion with guns to the head; the salacious antics of the rich and famous; and things you know you shouldn't do, but did... then the lowest ebb imaginable - a near death experience, surviving a major stroke. Willy opens up about the life changing moments he's suffered, with ultimately triumph over adversity. A happy ending. Lord knows we need one of them. By the popular star of 'Funny Business' and Radio Hauraki Morning Pirates (and let's not forget the Harvey Chicken ads...) Written with David Downs, best selling author of 'No.8 Re-wired', 'Silver Linings' and 'A Mild Touch of the Cancer'.