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Crusade On! Celebrating 25 Years of the Crusaders

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Matt McIlraith
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The Crusaders are not just another sports team. Out of a modest beginning grew the most formidable professional club entity rugby has ever seen. Yet sustained on-field excellence is just part of the story of a team that succeeded by living its stated ethos of hard work, the embracement of diversity, and a commitment to represent its people with pride and humility. Join the crusade as Matt McILraith takes you inside the club's first 25-years, dissecting the key moments, the successes and the rare failures, complete with season analysis, biographies of all 245 players, and the five head coaches, as well as statistics from all 370 games the team played.

A 360-degree portrait, Crusade On also introduces some of the larger-than-life personalities, from within the team and off the field, all of whom helped to make the Crusaders what they are. The way the Crusaders accomplished their success, with no one person more important than any other, and the enduring culture they created to sustain it, is an example of continued achievement that is as relevant for the boardroom as it is for the sporting arena. On-going success in any pursuit is not achieved by accident. This is why the Crusaders' story is so important.