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Creating Space: An experience of gender

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Jane Prichard
March 2023
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"Creating Space - An Experience of Gender" describes the extraordinary work of Jane Prichard, in her own words. It tells how Jane's advocacy for women and girls in Aotearoa New Zealand began. The book illustrates how Jane established and supported women's networks. It explains the importance of the new organisations set up as an action outcome of the Fourth World Women's Conference in Beijing in 1995. And it explains why she felt she had to embrace the United Nations High Commissioner's call to report on how these new organisations had created space and how they were being maintained long term. Jane describes how she founded new NGOs (Non-governmental organisations) to enhance gender justice outcomes, and proudly informs us that these organisations have been able to maintain a vigorous program over many years to bring about positive outcomes that have made a difference to women and girls. The book details her work as a leader, a mentor, and a risk-taker. There were many challenges along the way and Jane takes us on the journey of how she overcame them to succeed.