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Black Gold: The story of how the All Blacks became rugby's most valuable asset

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Gregor Paul
August 2023
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Power, Money and the Team that Reshaped Rugby

How did one of the smallest nations in the world produce the jewel in world rugby's crown?

In the professional age, the All Blacks have evolved to become rugby's most marketable asset and a blueprint for building high-performing teams. But as the All Blacks became commercialised, the tug-of-war between performance and making money has intensified.

From the battle between Nike and Adidas for ownership of the black jersey to the newly minted deal with Silicon Valley private equity group Silver Lake, Black Gold reveals how the lure of monetising the brand has impacted the performance of the players and coaches. What sacrifices are being made to increase profit? And is the golden goose at risk of being overcooked?

Black Gold is a gripping, revealing book about the inner workings of the All Blacks, the balance of power and what lies ahead for the world's best-known rugby team.