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All That We Know

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Shilo Kino
July 2024

Expected release date is 9th Jul 2024

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'I don't want to be a pioneer. I want to be the last; to enjoy the fruits of everyone else's hard labour' - Mareikura

'Whatever you do, please don't read me a grief quote from the internet' - Chloe

'God loves you' - Eru

'You're never too much for the right person' - Jordana

Meet Mareikura Pohe: she's in love with her best friend Eru, who's leaving to go on a church mission, and she's an accidental activist - becoming an online sensation after her speech goes viral. But does she really want the spotlight?

Navigating self-diagnosed ADHD, a new romantic relationship, forging friendships and reclaiming her language all at once is no easy feat. And as her platform grows, Mareikura is unwittingly placed on a pedestal as a voice for change against the historical wrongs of colonisation. The question remains: at what personal cost?

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland, All That We Know is a modern take on family and friendship and how, even in a divided and often polarising world, the resilience of friendship, love, and connection can defy the greatest challenges of our times.

The stunning debut adult novel from award-winning writer Shilo Kino, All That We Know interrogates the far-reaching consequences of colonisation while simultaneously making you laugh and cry. Perfect for readers of Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, Greta & Valdin and Such a Fun Age.