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A Man Holds a Fish

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Glenn Busch
August 2024

Expected release date is 8th Aug 2024

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HAUNTING PORTRAITS BY ONE OF NEW ZEALAND'S FINEST PHOTOGRAPHERS Selected by the legendary photographer himself, the 79 extraordinary images in Glenn Busch's A Man Holds A Fish cement and celebrate his reputation as one of New Zealand's most important photographers. Almost other-worldy, and striking in their humanity and emotional affect, the images in this resonant book bear returning to again and again. In 1984 Busch's work secured public notice with the publication of Working Men. As art writer Peter Ireland observes in his essay, 'In the early 1970s . . . the social documentary tradition was the reigning, respectable approach, and Busch's work remains foundational, even after half a century retaining a vividness and force in its resistance to any tendency to idealise in his portraiture, as this book so clearly attests.' A handsome, large-format book, beautifully designed by Seven, this book serves as both an introduction to the work of a hugely influential and widely regarded figure in photography in Aotearoa New Zealand and a celebration of his place in our art history.