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50 years, 50 stories: Marlborough the region that turned the wine world upside down

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Tessa Anderson
August 2023
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Who would have thought at the beginning of 1973 that the planting of a few grape vines in Marlborough would turn the wine world upside down? Who could have foreseen the international success that would follow on from a decision that even many New Zealand aficionados mocked at the time? 2023 is the 50th anniversary of the first modern day vineyard plantings in Marlborough. In five decades, those vines have transformed Marlborough from a dry, barren, forgotten region at the top of New Zealand's South Island into a byword for superior, quality wines. 50 Years, 50 Stories is not a chronological, historical account of those 50 years - instead it is stories from the people who were there in the early days and the years that followed. From the trailblazers to the lifetime achievers, relive the ups and downs of a region that has become one of the most famous wine brands in the world.