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Te Kohu: A Step-by-Step Guide to Help You Navigate Your Way Through the Mist

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Early in her childhood, Moetu was able to connect with the Spiritual realm. However, it was not until the 1980's, when her younger brother died and she asked herself: "what are we living for, if only to die?." She was then ready to open up and to really listen to the knowledge the Universe shares with her. This was the start of her personal work as a Healer. A work that, in Maori, is called "Mahi," something done out of vocation and deep inner desire. She says "nearly all of my work is based on teachings throughout my childhood and youth and on the inner guidance of my Ancestors that I am strongly connected to in my daily life. I guess the Universe, the Gods and Goddesses have responded to my call. This began my journey of healing on which I have been for over 30 years now and which I will continue until the day I die."

It is this journey that she feels to be a blessing, using her gifts to heal and help her clients on the path to self-discovery. "My wealth lies in the next generation that I leave behind" In her individual healings, Moetu reads the subconsciousness of her clients and discovers correlations and contradictions to their conscious self-perception. Her compassionate and individualistic approach guides them to a deeper understanding of self, thereby opening pathways to healing. By utilising her unique ability to access information and active help from the spiritual realm, this often results in surprising clarity and efficiency.

In addition to the individual work, Moetu has a particular passion for self-empowerment workshops designed to help people who are professionally interested in healing. People who are conscious about the strength and the limitations of the scholar medical approach and who want to add spiritual and emotional aspects to western medicine in order to reach holistic healing. People working as healers are able to evidently enhance their professional potential if they: 1. Succeed to overcome the limiting effects of their own fears and hidden, often familiar traumatisations in order to finally find deeper understanding, appreciation and love of self and 2. Discover and enhance their own spiritual potential through exercises These are the main contents of Moetu's seminars for medical doctors, psychologists / psychiatrists, naturopaths and people, generally interested in spiritual healing. Moetu is the proud mother of four children, fourteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild.