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Rottenomics: The Story of New Zealand's Leaky Buildings Disaster

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Peter Dyer

Due to the popularity of this title, it has sold out and currently being re-printed. The new books are due in New Zealand by March 2020.

For over a quarter century our building industry, economy and Government have failed to provide this basic guarantee: new buildings will not rot.

Leaky buildings are the result of an unfortunate confluence of industrial, legislative, historical and cultural factors. Collectively, these elements stubbornly continue to defy a full and final resolution.

Featuring personal stories of homeowners faced with insurmountable repair costs of hundreds of thousands to their `dream home', often leading to sickness, depression and financial loss. And revealed for the first time, withheld government reports that estimate the total cost of leaky dwellings at $47 billion. Rottenomics is an engaging expose into a national crisis that refuses to go away.