Māori at Work

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Scott Morrison
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Ae, e tuwhera ana tenei whare -- Yes, we are open.
Mo te takaroa o tenei whakautu -- Apologies for the delayed response.
Me mau potae maro -- Safety hats must be worn.
Na wai taku makatiti i tahae? -- Who stole my stapler?
Me tango koe i to mahi kainga i to pikau -- Take your homework out of your bag.
Hika ma, i kino te huarahi i te ra nei! -- Wow, the traffic was shocking this morning!

A simple, practical and engaging guide to using the Māori language in and around your workplace, whatever that might be and no matter your skill level. Beginning with explanations of the Treaty of Waitangi, Māori protocol, pronunciation and grammar, Māori at Work offers phrases and tips for greetings and welcoming people, emails and letters, speeches and social media, with specific chapters on the office, construction and roadworks, retail, hospitality, broadcasting and teaching.

Māori at Work has something for everyone wanting to start or expand their te reo journey!