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Arora Nikora

In Wikitoria, a sequel to Rena, the story of these two courageous women continues.
Separated from Thomas and duty-bound to travel up the Whanganui River for an arranged marriage to secure an alliance in the Taranaki Land Wars, Wikitoria finds herself isolated and alone with a violent husband, Chief Aringi.
Driven into hiding with her friend Rawinia, their survival depends on the bushcraft and healing skills Wikitoria’s grandmother Rena taught her.

In Taranaki, Rena tends to the casualties of war, both Māori and British. Wikitoria’s father, Chief Rawhiti, battling demons of his own, is swept up in events beyond his control. As the conflict escalates, he delays the rescue of Wikitoria, who lives in constant terror.
At the core of the devastating events, a devious web of lies is uncovered. Will Wikitoria lose everything, maybe even her life? Will Thomas free her as he is determined to do? Time is against them.
Wikitoria is a captivating story of duty and sacrifice, loss and compassion, courage and resilience, but above all, of enduring love as a source of strength and hope.