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The Lobster's Tale

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Chris Price, Bruce Foster

Expected release date is 7th Oct 2021

WHAT'S THE LOBSTER'S TUNE WHEN HE IS BOILING? Exploring the lobster's biology and its history in language, literature and gastronomy, The Lobster's Tale navigates the perils of a life driven by overreaching ambition and the appetite for knowledge, conquest and commerce. In conversation with the text, Bruce Foster's photographs navigate a parallel course of shadows and light, in which the extraordinary textures and colours of the natural world tell a darker story. The Lobster's Tale is a meditation on the quest for immortality on which both artists and scientists have embarked, and the unhappy consequences of the attempt to both conquer nature and create masterpieces. Meanwhile, below the waterline of text and images, a modest voice can be overheard whispering an alternative to these narratives of heroic and doomed exploration. The Lobster's Tale brings together award-winning writer Chris Price and distinguished photographer Bruce Foster. It is the third in the korero series of 'picture books' edited by Lloyd Jones, written and made for grown-ups and designed to showcase leading New Zealand writers and artists working together in a collaborative and dynamic way.