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The Beauty Guide: Your Body, Biochemistry and Beliefs

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Dr Libby Weaver
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Have you ever felt deflated by what you see in the mirror, or wished you could just fix that 'one thing' you dislike the most about your appearance?

Feeling beautiful can make a world of difference to a woman. Yet, for too many of us today, our thoughts are consumed by the things about our appearance we want to change or cover up. But what if these frustrations actually offered us a pathway to accessing our true beauty? The Beauty Guide offers beauty solutions and wisdom that will help to transform the way you feel about yourself.

Through its pages you will learn:

How to slow down the ageing process
Tips and advice for healthy, glowing skin, hair and nails
A step-by- step guide to healing 30 common beauty challenges (such as acne, cellulite and rosacea) and what they mean
How to cultivate a beautiful heart, mind and life
Ways to stop worrying about what others think (or comparing yourself to others)
What to put on your skin and what to avoid
How to inspire a new generation of girls with an innate belief in their inner beauty and ability