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Social Justice Pedagogies in Health and Physical Education

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Göran Gerdin, Wayne Smith, Rod Philpot, Katarina Schenker, Kjersti Mordal Moen, Susanne Linnér, Knut Westlie, Lena Larsson

This book makes the case that school Health and Physical Education (HPE) can make a unique contribution to young people's physical, emotional and social health outcomes when teachers of HPE engage in pedagogies for social justice that emphasise inclusion, democracy and equity.

Drawing on observations and teacher interviews across Sweden, Norway and New Zealand, the book explores successful school teaching practices that promote social justice and equitable health outcomes. In particular, it draws attention to the importance of building relationships, teaching for social cohesion and explicitly teaching about and acting on social inequities as pedagogies for social justice. The book also argues that context matters and that pedagogies for social justice need to recognise how both approaches to, and focus on, social justice vary in different contexts.

This is essential reading for academics and students interested in social justice and working in the fields of education, HPE and teacher education.