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Kiwi Tahi raua ko Kiwi Rua

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Stephanie Thatcher
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It's a beautiful night, let's have some fun! The two little kiwi bounce and leap, but all the other animals are fast asleep. "Let's wake them up!" says Kiwi One. "Playing with us will be much more fun!" Kiwi One and Kiwi Two have been asleep in their burrows all day, and now that it's night time, it's time to play! Soon all the other animals join in the fun, but the breaking of dawn means bedtime for the two little trouble-making kiwi. How will all the animals cope without any sleep?

Another gorgeous picture book from talented author-illustrator Stephanie Thatcher - With a playful cast of native New Zealand birds and critters - Te reo Maori translated by Ngaere Roberts - Spot the other nocturnal reptilian accomplice on every page!