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Jessie and the Monster: A Battle with Anxiety, A Story of Courage and Hope

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Mark Stevenson

Monsters aren’t real – or are they? We don’t think about them much, not until they attack, that is. Jessie had a safe and secure life, but out of the blue her world was ravaged by the most ominous of creatures, Whisper. With his horde of followers, he finds a way out of The Badlands and invades her world. Jessie’s anxiety is overwhelming, but help comes in unexpected ways from the strangest of places and people.

This is a story for young people who are weighed down by feelings of anxiety and depression. It helps them realise that how they feel is not unusual, and that with self-awareness and empathetic help they can find a way through.

This book is written with the compassionate insights of a father whose daughter suffered from acute anxiety for many years. Parents, counsellors and psychologists will also find this a useful resource.