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High Adventure

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Mike Allsop
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Mike Allsop is a dynamo - pilot, mountaineer, ultra-marathoner, motivational speaker, author of High Altitude (2013), husband, and father of three children. He's always been an adventurer, and once he and wife Wendy had children he realised he needed to find a way of incorporating his adventures into family life, rather than going off solo. He knew that he needed to keep exploring, to keep filling up his 'emotional tank', but he also knew there had to be something in it for everyone.

So Wendy and Mike devised a plan, whereby Mike would take each child on a one-on-one trip to Everest when they turned seven. They then went as a family to Everest, leaving the day before the devastating earthquake of 2015 killed several Sherpas and friends. The Allsops then fundraised to gather money to buy a new house for one of the widows. Mike's philosophy has always been that part of each adventure is giving back to the locals.

Now as each child grows older, they get to choose another challenge with their dad. Maya wanted to return to Everest and there she broke the record for the world's highest stand-up paddle-boarding. Ethan climbed Kilimanjaro and played the highest board game. These family traditions have created really strong bonds, and Mike believes that the thing kids love the most is time with them.