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Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax (3rd Edition)

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Ali Brown
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Weaving Flowers from New Zealand Flax contains detailed instructions for weaving nineteen different flower and foliage designs plus different variations of several of the designs. Many of the flower designs can be woven from a single flax leaf, and are very quick to weave once you've had a bit of practice.

The book also includes examples of floral arrangements for each of the flower designs, and ideas for flax foliage and for mixed floral arrangements to suit weddings and other events. All the instructions and arrangements in the book are illustrated with large colour photographs. After you've woven a few flowers, you'll find it easy to arrange the different designs into beautiful, eye-catching floral arrangements that make ideal gifts or decorations in your own home.

Flax flowers add a touch of colour in any number of settings; in a vase, bowl or buttonhole, as a table display, wall display or bridal bouquet, or as a decorative element sewn onto a kete (bag) or other large piece of flaxwork. Flax flowers also mix well with cut flowers or dried flowers, and - like dried flowers - the nice thing about flax flowers is that they last indefinitely. Although most of the designs in the book are made from a single flax leaf, a few designs or variations are rather more elaborate, and one or two require several flax leaves and joining techniques, so you'll be able to extend your weaving skills step by step.