The Inside Hustle

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Joanna Walden

Living through 9/11 in New York, author Joanna Walden experienced moment of clarity. Leaving her high flying advertising career on Madison Avenue behind her, Joanna sets off in pursuit of something greater than her 9-5 existence. She hikes the Camino de Santiago, starting the hilarious comedy of errors in her search for more meaning.

Desperate to solve the problem of herself, Joanna enlists intuitive healers and imbibes plant medicine in London, and climbs Mount Kilimanjaro in between dating mishaps and meltdowns. After a serious wake up call, Joanna continues her haphazard quest for transformative adventures in Brazil where a series of visceral energy experiences bring her back to herself. She then meets an eighty-three-year-old shaman in Argentina who prophesies her future, but is derailed again by her father’s sudden death from cancer.

Joanna then quits the corporate world, swaps her Brazilian boyfriend for a Brazilian girlfriend and finds answers right on her doorstep, home in New Zealand. Higher perspective is juxtaposed between Joanna’s bumbling real life adventures, showing her that what she was so desperately searching for, could be found within her all along.

The Inside Hustle is sex, drugs and spirituality, an unconventional path from dark to light, and a modern version of personal evolution. It’s a transformational travel adventure taking you on a wild  ride, which is as entertaining as it is enlightening.