Takaka Song

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Kevin Moran
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In February 2017 Kevin Moran travels to Takaka to spend time with the Tribe. Over the next two months, he writes poetry supporting the young travellers he meets. He stands firm against the bigotry and violence these young overseas people are subjected to by a small section of the community. When the Tasman District Council closes the Reilly Street Freedom Carpark in April, Kevin stays on in Golden Bay writing a series of sonnets about the River Tribe, his education by the Maori Jesus and his environmental work as coordinator of the Campaign to Save Te Waikoropupu Springs.

Takaka Song is a story of awakening and activism. Its foundation stone is Kevin's experience of the process of self-realisation (psychological and spiritual rebirth) and his relationship with the inner Teacher who guides and inspires him through tiny wisdom sayings given on the edge of sleep.

At the heart of the book is the call to love not only our fellow humans but the creatures and ecosystems of the Earth.