Stand By Me: The Story of Te Whakaruruhau

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Venetia Sherson and Denise Irvine
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The book documents our refuge's remarkable pathway over 30 years. It is about an organisation that supports beaten and abused women and children; this work is underpinned by our founding kaupapa of unconditional kindness and non-judgement.

As the problem of domestic violence in New Zealand has grown, so has Te Whakaruruhau: from a humble one-bedroom Hamilton flat to being a nationally respected NGO with a purpose-built, marae-style safe house, and wrap-around care services.  We are now a multi-million dollar organisation that requires business and government funding for our work. We have built enduring relationships across the community, and we lead the country in our understanding of the importance of whanau in addressing domestic violence. We sit at the tables where key national decisions on family violence are made.

We are pleased to tell our story to a wider audience. This book introduces readers to the women who work at Te Whakaruruhau, and the women who come through our doors each day. Who inspire and inform us, who we walk alongside.