Roderick and the Wizard of Endor

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F.M. McQueen
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Roderick, a small and furry animal, gazes out from his home high on the side of a mountain. Not far below, a tiny figure is swept from the path by the wind. He races to the rescue and saves Pepin, a squirrel, but when they climb back up to Roderick's home they find that it has been destroyed.

Seeking shelter in the stormy night, Roderick and Pepin narrowly escape a dangerous band of vagabonds. Soon after they encounter Percy, the invisible man. He tells them how he was lured by leprechaun gold into another dimension and became trapped there by enchantment.

Roderick and Pepin decide to help him and find themselves transported into a mysterious world of tree spirits, elves and other magical beings. Only the Wizard of Endor can break the spell that binds Percy. The three friends set out to find the Wizard in his castle high in the mountains of Endor but a terrifying monster lies in wait